Magic skills for schools

Magic Does The Trick
For Classroom Confidence

Magic skills Hat Established in 2008, Magic Skills For Schools is a high-quality developmental programme for children in Years 4, 5 and 6. The programme was designed by Robert Newgrosh who is an award-winning trainer and a performing magician.

Magic is a great form of entertainment, but Robert recognised that it could also be used as part of children's education and development given the wide range of skills involved. In particular, it was clear that teaching a child how to perform magic would boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Since inception, around 1,200 children from more than 50 schools have taken part, many with special educational needs. Evelyn Community Primary School in Prescot, judged Outstanding by OFSTED on three occasions, has run the programme eighteen times.

Magic Skills For Schools boosts confidence, self-esteem and social skills. In addition, it develops manual dexterity, memory, co-ordination, presentation, reasoning and verbal skills. The underlying concept at the heart of the programme is simple - magic increases a child's self-belief because once they can do something that's really amazing, it has the potential to change their whole outlook.

Evelyn's Headteacher, Carole Arnold, said; "Not only did the children thoroughly enjoy the sessions, but their confidence and communication skills were much improved. The experience enabled rich learning to take place, such as problem solving and development of concentration, in an imaginative and stimulating way"

A key component in the programme's effectiveness is that the tricks are very high calibre - easy enough for a child to learn, but good enough to entertain and amaze friends & family. Based on professional card magic, including an incredible mindreading effect, the methods and secrets taught ensure the children can perform confidently knowing they won't be caught out.

At the end of the programme the children perform a show for classmates and parents, further boosting their confidence and self-esteem. This provides a tangible end-result plus a real sense of achievement. As well as performing great magic, the children also demonstrate professional-looking card displays. This often produces audible gasps from the audience, which is further confirmation for a child that they really do have an amazing new talent which few people possess. For children who are quiet in class, below average academically or with special educational needs, this can do wonders for their self-belief.

Offering multiple benefits and developing a wide range of skills, this innovative programme achieves high impact in just a few weeks, yet has a cost per pupil classed as "very low" by the Education Endowment Foundation.

Outcomes are well-matched to the Government's concept of a "targeted enrichment activity" and so Magic Skills For Schools is ideal for Pupil Premium investment. Teaching staff and parents consistently confirm significant changes in attitude both in school and at home following the programme. Children are highly motivated to participate and really enjoy taking part.

We also offer a Magic Day format which is aimed at a whole class or year rather than selected children. Here the emphasis is on lateral thinking and having fun. This is an exciting, highly-educational activity and makes a perfect reward or treat. Since the tricks are all different to those in the developmental programme, it doesn't matter if a child has participated before.

A full information pack is available by post which includes the programme contents and cost, together with copies of signed testimonials from Headteachers. We are also happy to arrange a demonstration of the programme free of charge in school.